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At Rich Herbs Foundation we believe that knowledge is power – particularly when it comes to your health and well-being.  If you’re new to Rich Herbs Foundation or simply new to our site, here are some thoughtful answers to FAQs about our products and services that will not only provide helpful information to empower you, but also to give you a sense of who we are and what we do.

As always, if you ever have additional questions or simply want to drop us a line, you can use our CONTACT US form or have a Live Chat with one of our 24/7 online agents. We love to hear from you!

    Many of us in the Western world have been raised in a culture in which pharmaceutical medicines (or modern conventional medicine) is the established standard, we forget that only a couple of decades ago natural herbal medicines were generally accepted and freely employed to treat diseases. In fact, it was that very consideration of the healing powers of certain herbal plants that has led to the discovery and development of many of today’s modern pharmaceutical drugs. Folk medicine, homeopathy, alternative medicine, naturopathy, traditional medicine, precisely means the same thing, they represent all of the different natural health practices and philosophies to treat diseases, they all share at least one aspect in common: the use of natural herbal remedies to treat diseases. Within the scope of this website, the term herbal formula/remedy refers to the combination natural plants to treat, manage, or prevent illness, aid in the healing of diseases, and perhaps most importantly, promote wellness. Today, herbal remedies are referred to in the western world as “complementary” or “integrative” medicine, which is exactly how they like to position them. Here at Rich-Herbs Foundation we view herbal remedies not as replacements or fundamentally better alternatives to conventional medicine, but as complements and perhaps, the first lines of defense.
    We believe that optimum health and proper function of the body occurs when all systems are in harmony and balance. We see the systems of the body, mind, and spirit as intrinsically connected. Based on this belief in connectedness, we argue that it is important to consider not only the symptoms, but the contextual clues and root causes of a disease or ailment in order to adopt a right herbal approach/treatment to totally cure the disease. Our herbal remedies are meant to do just that as they are geared toward helping your body remedy the cause and promote healing, not just alleviate the symptoms but totally treat/reverse the disease. As long as our products are used correctly, they will safely and naturally create holistic balance within the body to alleviate ailments, support systemic health, and help prevent future disease. Much of the time they accomplish these goals with fewer risks and side effects, which is particularly important when considering herbal treatments for chronic diseases.
    Generally, yes. Our herbal products here at Rich-Herbs Foundation are mainly present-day versions of herbal treatments and traditional medicines that have been used safely for centuries around the world, we employed scientific testing methods and modern extraction processes to ensure the benefits of the herbs remain intact and of excellent quality. Generally, you take a risk when employing any remedy or treatment (herbal remedies, pharmaceutical remedies or otherwise) – particularly when a remedy is not used correctly or practiced safely. Consider this example: while yoga has been proven to be extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health, repetitive poor alignment or neglecting to listen to your body in yoga practice can lead to injury. But working with an experienced yoga instructor can reduce that risk. The same applies here, using our herbal remedies under our supervision and prescription is absolutely safe, just follow usage as prescribed. There are also other more personal safety considerations to be made when using our herbal remedies. For instance, if you’re pregnant or nursing, have certain food allergies, or are already taking other supplements or medications. We request this information from Patients before recommending/purchasing a herbal product. Natural herbal remedies are likely to cause less side effects as compared to pharmaceutical options. For instance, lowering blood pressure with pure beet juice has been shown in scientific studies to be about as effective with low side effect than some blood pressure medications Being aware and informed will always mitigate your risk, please speak to one of our online representatives if you have more questions or concerns.
    PHYSICAL PURCHASE:Our herbal products can be purchased physically at Rich-Hers Foundation or any of our Rich-Herbs outlets around South Africa and India. Available Payment Methods:Cash and POS Payment System ONLINE PURCHASE:Our herbal products can be purchased online, visit our website and click on the ONLINE ORDER tab. Fill in all required feed and select products to purchase then click ORDER NOW. Our sales department will then email you your ORDER INVOICE and PAYMENT LINK. Simple and easy! Availale Payment MethodCredit card, Money Order and Bank Transfer. NOTE: Some payment methods are not available to some patients depending on location.
    Yes, we have a refund policy.If in case the product doesn’t suit you and you intend to claim a refund as we offer money back guarantee on all products that have not helped you recover, product can be returned to us and you can claim a refund which will take about 1 week including the processing and bank dispensation time. For international purchases, the total amount of the product excluding the delivery charges will be refunded. Please make sure that the products you intend to return back to us have original tags and labels no matter if the bottles are empty. Kindly keep the packaging safe so that its easier for you to get your money back and for us to process your refund.
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