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"Top notch doctors and the staff are always polite. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use RichHerbs Foundation.”

"I came across rich-herbs foundation 7 months ago. I had tremors in my both hands, stiff muscles, sleepless nights, slow shuffling gait and difficulties breathing with pain in my abdomen and general lack of energy. Since i started with the RHF PD formula treatment i'm happy to report feeling better overall, the tremors seized, more energy and better coping with everyday life. And i feels good afterward, i feel much more optimistic about my life, thanks a lot! Sincerely"

"The expertise exhibited and friendliness of Dr. Pauline and the entire RHF staff bolstered my confidence throughout the treatment and recovery period. I feel so much alive"

"I was concerned about an ongoing "brain fog" and forgetfulness I have had for years - which is one of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's. I was having trouble losing weight and also felt very low in energy. Since following your thyroid formula protocol I have found that I have a greater sense of calm - something I didn't expect from the treatment. 
"thanks again, the products received were of high quality, arrived fast and packaged very well. Using the products have made a positive effect in my life!"

"Twenty years ago while living in LA at sea level a lung specialist told me ”you have the worst scarred lungs I have seen in my 17 years of practice. I since retired and moved to Wyoming, elevation 6,200 feet I experienced shortness of breath and dry cough till i started on RHF Pulmonary Fibrosis formula treatment, It has really helped me become more relaxed, breathe better, easier and more from my diaphragm, just as dr. Margaret said it would. Many thanks for this great product" 

"The doctor on the online chat session was friendly, professional, and  helpful with questions and concerns. She spent time going over symptoms I was having, answering questions. Very thorough with what to expect before, during and after the treatment"
"I am from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, last year a pain in my hip, which prevented me from walking, prompted me to seek medical care. After an MRI, x-rays, and cortisone injections including an epidural, I decided to try acupuncture treatments. After six sessions, I can hardly believe the improvement. I can now walk without a cane and can again enjoy one of my favorite activities, walking on the beach!"

"I had diabetes since i was 54, my eye sight was altered, I was exhausted, overweight, I was not sleeping, I had dry mouth and an overall feeling that something was not right, the usual medication was not doing much to help my condition till i came across RichHerbs Foundation, the Diabetes treatment recommended did wonders for me, my last test showed a normal level" 

"Thank you for the CHF Formula recommended for my Congestive heart failure condition, the treatment was effective and wonderful, all of the symptoms i complained about especially the shortness of breath and fatigue are gone"
"I am really happy about your weight loss product. I have no sugar cravings at all and my food intake has really decreased, as a result I lost 4.8 in a week. Amazing."

"Since starting the osteoporosis herbal treatment, I have experienced a continual reduction of symptoms, I feel full of energy. In fact the same endocrinologist who yelled at me sent me a letter indicating that I should immediately start lowering the methimazole but i have stopped taking it since last month. I am currently taking only the formula" 

"I could barely walk unless I was taking Vioxx, but after the recommended Arthritis treatment, the relief was almost immediate and was even more complete than the relief I got from Vioxx"

"thank you doctor for  making my life so much better. Since starting your protocol my tremors has stopped, but even more impressive to me is just how much better I feel. I find myself happier and mentally sharper" 

"My wife completed the recommended multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment plan last week, she is doing a lot better. There has been a total reduction of symptoms, improved coordination, balance, vision and she is able to sleep and relax more at night, this MS formula is life-saving!" 

"My left knee was especially painful waking me up several times each night.  A friend suggested I try acupuncture to deal with this problem.  I have now had 3 acupuncture treatments at RichHerbs Foundation and have been pain free since the second session"

"Several months ago I was diagnosed as having Parkinson's Disease. I was not able to use my treadmill due to the effects of Parkinson's. Now with the RHF PD formula, I feel much stronger, I can walk and feel comfortable doing it, and the upper portion of my body has much more strength. I'm now firmly convinced that rich herbs foundation PD formula is of great benefit to me and to anyone else who has Parkinson's Disease"

"The heart disease formula the doctor prescribed for my husband was wonderful, the chest pain (angina) is gone. He is doing alot better."
"The doctors are excellent herbal practitioners, i am glad i found this website"

​"My husband also used the chronic bronchitis formula, 2 times daily for 16 weeks.  the treatment is  incredible and we have told so many people about it"

"The doctors are very friendly and acknowledgeable as well as the rest of  the staff, very helpful"

"I used the warts remedy you suggested, the warts are sore but they are already turning black and diminishing. Nothing else worked till now.."

"I am just amazed at how effective your recommendations for my Type 2 Diabetes were, the treatment changed my life"

"Living with the pain and stiff joints from osteoarthritis was an everyday occurrence, but when the pain became too great to ignore I sought help from rich herbs foundation. Their formula and acupuncture treatments provided relief and enabled me to move much more freely. In addition to the effectiveness of the treatments, I appreciate  the caring touch, holistic knowledge received. This has greatly improved the quality of my life"
"To Dr. Sudhir, thanks so much for getting us onto this product. It helped my husband to live better without taking the pain killers"
"Greetings from Germany, i came across your website by chance, and started on the Formula treatment for my tremors. few weeks into the treatment my whole body felt more relaxed. As my treatment went along, my anxiety diminished, my hands shook less and less and less."
"i just spoke to your U.S. office, i will be putting in an order soon"
"To Rich Herbs foundation; my mother has finished the first month of the ALS/MND treatment. At the beginning of the treatment, she felt heat, principally in the nights. She has stretched her legs, since she had inflexibility in the knees. She has felt energy and has walked approximately 10-12 meters of distance. She has improved the way of swallowing and the sensation of bitter mouth has disappeared. I didn't expect such rapid recovery with the ALS formula! thanks"

"The staffs are thoughtful, attentive and caring.  I would recommend RichHerbs treatments to anyone."

​​"In August 2016  my daughter came to us with Lungs disease formula she ordered from rich herbs foundation for my husband, her step father. He faithfully drank the herbal medicine for about 15 weeks. He is alot better now the oxygen are gone. He is working part time and riding his motorcycle again"


"Through my own research, I discovered that there are many side effects to radioactive iodine treatment. However, every visit to the endocrinologist ended with them stating that this was the only treatment for thyroid diseaes/nodule. I found this website september last year, i was immediately convinced that your treatment could help me, i started on the Thyroid disease formula treatment and my thyroid condition has just simply diminished!"

"This is an excellent website"
"The acupuncture treatment i received from RHF was exceptional, the thing about acupuncture is that you don’t feel but just notice things changing to the better in your body as well as your life. I feel my eating habits got better, my sleeping was fine but it feels better, and psychologically I feel stronger/wiser, above all the chronic pain and fatigue is gone"

"Hello rich herbs, i just wanted to acknowledge here how effective the ALS/MND medicine worked for me, over a year now since i used the Herbal formula you suggested, alongside constant exercise, my condition has improved. I have strength and good balance"

"The doctor who helped me on the chat session is very friendly, kind, and discusses several subjects in the patients’ life to understand more about the person and the issue itself."
"I have been on Weight Loss formula for 3 weeks and I have lost 14.2 kilogram. Unbelieveable! This formula does not have a bad effect on my heart, it does not give me jitters. I can even take it after eight at night and still sleep. I am not on a diet, but have cut out stuff with sugar. I suppose if I followed the exercise regime, I might lose even faster, It also gives me a bit of energy"

"The chat agent was very helpful through the whole ordering process" 
"I inherited sinusitis from my mother. And that makes my respiration affects my eardrums a lot, it affects my listening and how I listen. I came across RHF and started on the Sinusitis treatment, i am glad to report the product was effective, the sinus stopped and my ears opened more, and my respiration got smoother. Worth it!"

"Dear RHF, the Alzheimier herbal formula seems to help my condition alot, my condition has improved immensely since i started the herbal therapy" 

"I have purchased a few different products from RHF, enjoyed all of them, well sealed packaging and fast shipping, thank you!"
"I tested negative to hepatitis b virus today after the recommended HB-V treatment, its almost like a dream"

"The multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment is simply a miracle, nothing i ever tried really worked till i came across rich herbs foundation,  i am grateful for your time and patience with me​"
​​"I had lumps on my thyroid. I started on the thyroid disease formula from your clinic, and a lot of prayer and positive thinking, 2 month later i did another ultrasound, after the ultrasound the lab tech  said "there must have been a mistake,because  the lumps had got significantly smaller since the first ultrasound"

"When will the N-D1 Formula products be available in your U.S. office?"
"The doctor was very helpful with his work and also in advice — for that I am very grateful. RichHerbs Foundation was a pleasant experience and I would recommend anyone"

"I am from Romania, my husband used the ataxia formula treatment. Its such an amazing treatment, my husband is back on his feet, he is able to walk around the house and do things independently"

"Both my wife and I have been using Rich herbs foundation acupuncture services for a couple of years now. Acupuncture has been the only thing that gives either of us any long term relief from on going back pain. In one session i am able to accomplish what would take weeks of physical therapy and medication. I highly recommend that anyone with back pain or any type of pain disorders give them a call"

"So far, the parkinsons formula has been very helpful. My right hand tremor has seized, i can walk smoothly,  improvement with swallowing and speaking and my weight remains at 155lbs"

"Since I have started taking the product you sent me there's dramatic change and my mental health, I can move a lot better, I can think a lot clearer, my mobility is better"
"I had hurt my lower back while riding my bike and the pain was excruciating (I could barely walk properly). I tried to tough it out for a couple weeks but it just got worse. I decided to try acupuncture from RHF for the first time and it completely relieved the pain and increased my mobility."

​"To rich-herbs foundation, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are. I was diagnosed of Emphysema last 2 year, one of a group of lungs diseases that blocks airflow,  i began the formula recommended, i only used the formula for 4 months all my symptoms chest tightness, cough, shortness of breath, aching joints and muscles disappeared .."


"When i first started on the rich herbs ALS/MND treatment, I was completely immobile due to my long term ALS condition. I was taking high doses of prednisone and anti-inflammatory medicines, which caused many bad side effects. After i started on your ALS herbal therapy, my condition has improved, my severe symptoms gradually stopped. Its been 13 months since treatment, i can never be thankful enough"

"Western medicine can often focus on reactionary treatments rather than preventative measures. I felt frustrated and alone as doctors repeatedly assured me that I was fine. I recently started on the Multiple Sclerosis Formula recommended by RichHerbs Foundation, the treatment is very effective and good, I have regained control of myself "

"The staff are great and great environment too, I always feel super comfortable at RichHerbs Foundation."
"To Dr, Sudhir, your arthritis formula is nothing less than a miracle, i am fully back on my feet again and strong!"

"Excellent customer service. For all atrial fibrillation (AFIB) and Diabetes type 2 sufferers.. look no further! rich herbs foundation totally cured my diabetes."

"After your recommended treatment, I have a stronger immune system, my sleeping patterns are much better, and I feel like I have increased energy. I have no symptoms at this point."

"My Parkinson's disease symptoms have declined over a 3 months period of the PPD Formula usage. I have my fingers crossed that all symptoms will go away. The last symptom, an occasional stiffness in my lower jaw at bedtime is almost gone. I am 68 and also do walking on a treadmill at 2 mph for 30 minutes everyday"

​"almost 9 months ago my son had juvenile arthritis and he has been on the herbs you prescribed since then. Thanks to the Good Lord, he will be 19 yrs old this year and travels alot."

"I was diagnosed of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in 2015, the dry cough and burning pain were so consistent till i learnt about your Acid reflux treatment plan, almost immediately i started on your treatment i began to notice a reduction in symptoms till it all vanished. I have already recommend the treatment to a number of people, overall this is an incredible alternative treatment to effectively treat Acid reflux for good! thanks"


"I was diagnosed of bronchiectasis in 2012. Almost immediately i started the rich herbs formula, I noticed a difference in my ability to breathe better and think more clearly"
"I really feel welcomed here; this is a great clinic, but more importantly a place where everyone cares about your well being."


"My 22 old daughter with melanoma is doing very beautifully now"
"Hi rich herbs foundation
I was in your office last 2 month for my wife's fibromyalgia and dementia condition, she has improved greatly since she started on your herbal formula and acupuncture treatment. You have touched so many people in ways you may never know about. Please keep up the great work"

"Helpful! You guys are doing a great job!"


"When I breathe out, the longer I keep that breath going I start to cough and cough. I never smoked. As I grew older it got progressively worse. When I started on the Asthma formula, all symptoms reversed, i breath more freely now"

"Their efforts focus on restoring your health. The doctors are true professionals, caring and approachable, they are always there to answer any questions and takes the extra time to deliver clear and concise explanations"


"My wife's is free from Glaucoma, she did another tonometry testing and vision has improved greatly.. "

"My mother died of thalassemia, I was also diagnosed of the disease after several issues i had with my red blood cell i was told i could die from it anytime, i came across rich herbs foundation and purchased the THL herbal remedy, i did another blood test after the recommended 6 months usage and tested negative to thalassemia.."

"I had the first occurrence of deep vein thrombosis in 2011. One leg was swollen, reddish, and there was a lot of pain. One foot was swollen so much there were few shoes I could wear. The treatment recommended by the RHF team effectively reversed my vein thrombosis"

"I also used the COPD herbal remedy, i did another x-ray my doctor could not believe it, thank you" 

"Since following your HBP herbal treatement procedures, I have all of the energy that I had before my High blood pressure diagnosis, and not being on the meds feel wonderful. Being able to do all of the things that I used to do is fantastic, as we all take so many things for granted in life, and our health/body is very sensitive to what we feed it is so important, good in good out. Little by little my blood work came back to the normal range (within 17 weeks) you just have to follow the treatment procedures"

"I finally got the products this week, can't wait to report my results"


"Hi rich-herbs your herbal products are miraculous,  my eating habits have totally changed. I can actually function when I get home. I used to sleep during the two week Christmas holidays, but last year I actually painted, cleaned and exercised. It has truly been a lifestyle change"


"Your herbs are inestimable, and your services are very good"


"I have suffered from Scoliosis since i was a child, was diagnosed of this when i did my medical examination in my high school and since then i have suffered it with pains my curves was beyond 50 degrees to 60 degrees so i was suggested to go for a surgery. But we could not afford it,  i started on rich-herbs formula for scoliosis in November 2015, the herbs worked miraculously! my spine are perfect now, my posture is a getting lot better with constant exercise."

"I had hepatitis b virus for over 7 years, the HB-V treatment recommended by your foundation was nothing short of a miracle, this whole experience has been eye-opening for me. Thanks to Dr. Austin for his patient with me. I have been able to reclaim a healthier body. its 2 years since treatment, I am still negative, not trace of the virus"


"Hi, I do think this is an excellent site. I stumbled upon it, I will revisit i have bookmarked it."


"I was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in November 2011. My spine was tingling so much it was leading me to distraction and I lost the ability to use my right arm and hand. I also experienced severe depression. Your treatment gave me back my life!"
"I just want to give you a “good report”!!! I learned about your successful COPD natural herbal formula. I ordered the herbal mixture, i used the treatment as prescribed, the good news: My breathing is so powerful and good and my lungs so absolutely clear that the technician questioned whether I had COPD at all!!!!!!!!! I told her about your treatment. I am 62 years old, a singer, and living an active, enjoyable, and productive life."
 "For the last few years, my vision has become somewhat blurred and I thought “well, it’s time for glasses”. But now I believe my vision has improved through your glaucoma herbal treatment."

"I am doing well on the lungs disease formula for my interstitial lungs disease (ILD) , they work greatly, my lungs functions has  improved, no case of dyspnoea for over 9 weeks now"


"My husband has improved a lot with the osteoporosis formula. He has continued it for two months now"


 "I was about to go for stem cell therapy, before i did, my doctor recommended i try RichHerbs COPD Formula treatment, that day I went home and ordered the product, the customer service were very helpful. The package showed up quickly and my recovery started, its really amazing how effective the formula was

"Aloha! the arthritis formula works wonders because my dad had great improvement with them. He has suffered arthritis for 5 years, he was having joint pains, stiffness, tenderness and chronic pain in the keel area all of which subsided/went down, after the recommended treatment. He is 71 yeas and sounded very pleased and enthusiastic – the best I’ve heard him in years!"

"When I first began the RichHerbs Thyroid Formula treatment plan for my thyroid condition my top five symptoms were chest pain, fatigue, memory loss, stomach upset, muscle weakness and stiffness. No matter how much rest I got, I was still tired. Additionally I did not sleep well either. The Arthritis treatment protocol worked too well, I feel very much better"

"For years I suffered from pain in my calf and hamstring muscles. I am 59 years old now and for the first time I tried acupuncture services from rich herbs foundation. I received immediate relief. I am very happy with the results.”


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